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Episode 39: “The Normalest Dude”

Episode 39

This week we welcome progenitor of RVAnews.com and host of the VCU Ram Nation Podcast, Mr. Ross Catrow! Ross and Matt has some sparkling conversation about some of the new Marvel How-Now-Brown-Cow.1-2B releases such as Silver Surfer and All-New Ghost Rider. You got an hour to waste! Why not do it with us!

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Silver Surfer #1 Marvel NOW - RWG Reviews - Rhymes With Geek




I love art - no.42

Roy Lichtenstein, American  (1923—1997).

I don’t think I’ve mentioned it lately, but I hate Lichtenstein. Hate, hate, hate. Each of these panels is a direct lift of a different comic book panel by a different artist from 50’s/60’s. Lichtenstein is celebrated as a pop art hero, made shit tons of money and will probably be remembered long after we’re all dead; the artists he ripped off and their families will never see a dime of the dough he made off their work, nor will anyone remember their names, if one can even FIND their names nowadays because hahaha artist credit in golden/early silver age comics, what’s that?

Seriously, how hard would it have been to add a “After (insert artist’s name here)” tag in the title? But then, Roy wouldn’t have been able to hog all the credit then, would he?

It sickens me how comic art was and often still is considered a low form of art, but a copy of comic art somehow makes it “real” art, while the original artist doesn’t see a penny of profits nor do they even get acknowledged for their original work. Utter bullshit.


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R.I.P Dave Brockie AKA Oderus Urungus

Richmond is a different place this morning with the loss of creative powerhouse and pillar of culture Dave Brockie. We at LLMA share many friends with Dave and our hearts and minds go out to those personally close to him as well as fans of his work. This town and the extended comics, sci-fi, music, film, and performace community here would not be what it is if not for GWAR and Dave. It’s easy to say your sad when an artist or “celebrity” dies, but on this day we are truly and deeply burdened with the departure of Oderus Urungus back to his home planet.


Episode 38: Nerd Against The Machine ft/ Matthew Roberts


Episode 38

We are please to have Virginia boy MATTHEW ROBERTS, the artist for Skyward/Image’s hot new thang MANIFEST DESTINY. We talk process, music, and drawing crusty old white people. But that’s not all folks…THE BOYS ARE BACK. The moon is in the summer house and we’ve got Matt, Morris, AND James doing the thing they were meant to do…interrupt one another.

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